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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default browser for Internet Explorer 11?

How to set Internet Explorer 11 as default browser Step 1: Launch Internet Explorer and click the Settings icon available on the Top right hand side. Step 2: Navigate to Programs tab in Internet Options window. Step 3: Click “Make Internet Explorer the default browser” link under Opening Internet Explorer section.

What version of Internet Explorer is 11?

Internet Explorer 11 ( IE11) is the eleventh and final version of the Internet Explorer web browser by Microsoft. It was officially released on October 17, 2013, along with Windows 8.1 and on November 7, 2013 to Windows 7 users via Windows Update.

How do you update Internet Explorer browser?

Go to the "Tools" menu. Select "Windows Update". Click the link informing you of new updates. Check for Internet Explorer updates. Select the check box for the updates and click "Download" if you want to install them.

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