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Frequently Asked Questions

Is zenzenitsu in love with Nezuko?

Zenitsu does seem to show a much more passive, human love for Nezuko than what he's shown to others in the past, and many fans find his desire to protect her genuine. She's also shown to enjoy his company, even if she's not ready to reciprocate his affection just yet.

How does zenitsu protect Nezuko from the demon?

When Nezuko gets in danger fighting against the train demon, Zenitsu jumps to rescue her in his sleep, claiming he will protect her. Then they fight side by side against the demon. After the train derails, Zenitsu protects Nezuko and other passengers, hugging them. When the sun rises, he helps Nezuko to go back to her box and carries her safely.

Why does zenitsu get mad at Tanjiro when he sees Nezuko?

When Zenitsu sees her for the first time and discovers that she is a cute girl, he quickly gets mad at Tanjiro because he thinks that Nezuko is actually his girlfriend instead of his sister.

Did Inosuke actually try to kill Nezuko?

Although, Inosuke didn't even remember trying to kill Nezuko in the first place, so he probably didn't pay any mind to the past action he did commit. Despite Zenitsu being a cowardly crybaby who loves chasing after woman, he protected Nezuko from being murdered by Inosuke.

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