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Frequently Asked Questions

What is issues & insights?

In review, Issues & Insights reports news and commentary through guest authors and opinion pieces written by members of their editorial board. Most editorial board members are from the strongly right-leaning Investor’s Business Daily, which does not have a positive record with fact-checkers.

How does fact-checking affect misbeliefs?

The increasing amount of information online makes it challenging to judge what to believe or discredit. Fact-checking unverified claims shared on platforms, like social media, can play a critical role in correcting misbeliefs. The current study demonstrates how the effect of fact-checking can vary by several factors.

What is a fact-checking site?

Other fact-checking sites are independent from traditional news media outlets, and are solely dedicated to professional fact-check services. Yet other fact-checking sites focus on providing additional information and context to politicians’ statements, to help readers make their own judgments about the validity of those statements.

Is fact-checking effective at correcting political misinformation?

To better understand whether fact-checking is an effective means of correcting political misinformation, scholars from three universities teamed up to synthesize the findings of 30 studies published or released between 2013 and 2018. Their analysis reveals that the success of fact-checking efforts varies according to a number of factors.

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