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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Google Translate?

Yes, Google Translate is very accurate for the most part. In some cases, it’s 94%+ accurate! In fact, it’s one of the top-rated translation tools when it comes to translation accuracy, though the exact accuracy will depend on the language pairs that you’ve chosen.

What languages can be translated with Google Translate?

Texts written in the Arabic, Cyrillic, Devanagari and Greek scripts can be transliterated automatically from phonetic equivalents written in the Latin alphabet. The browser version of Google Translate provides the option to show phonetic equivalents of text translated from Japanese to English.

What are some of the features of Google Translate?

Google Translate can help you translate a word, a phrase or an entire paragraph. Besides English translation, Google translate also supports other languages ​​translation with an extremely friendly interface. The software has an instant translation feature, returning results as soon as you enter the content to be translated.

What is the best app for translating English to Italian?

Italian English translator - free dictionary app, is the best app for Italian or English translation. Our fast translator application allows you to translate your voice, text and sentences from English to Italian or Italian to English.

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