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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JBL PRX one all in one column PA?

The JBL PRX ONE all-in-one powered column PA features an acoustically optimized column array featuring a 7-channel digital mixer, a full suite of professional DSP, class-leading audio connectivity, Bluetooth functionality and JBL Pro Connect universal app control.

Why buy a prx800 from JBL?

With tour grade components along with strict product validation including JBL’s100-hour full power testing, PRX800 are rugged enough to keep performing for the long haul. And with built-in Wi-Fi, the PRX-Connect app, and the new V2 firmware update, you’ll set up and experience the best sound PRX800 has to offer, faster than ever.

What is the max SPL of the JBL PRX one?

Enjoy unmatched power and performance in a sleek, compact package: PRX ONE delivers a stunning 130db max SPL, with consistent front-to-back throw, thanks to its custom-engineered 12-tweeter column array featuring JBL AIM acoustic technology, 12-inch bass-reflex woofer and built-in 2,000-watt (peak) amplifier.

Why choose PRX one portable speakers?

Plus, get access to Plus get access to app-only features like speaker grouping, delay tap tempo, and whole speaker snapshots. Every PRX ONE portable PA undergoes 100 hours of JBL stress testing to ensure that it’ll perform like a champ in real-world conditions.

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