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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a labor market report?

This quarterly release analyses the labour market situation. In this comprehensive report, topics covered include unemployment, employment, retrenchment, re-entry into employment, job vacancy, working arrangements, labour turnover and hours worked.

Will the job market get better?

The job market will get better, and you should be prepared for when it does. The question you should ask yourself is this: How do I use the next few months to be ready to take advantage of the job ...

What does a job market mean?

The job market is the market in which employers search for employees and employees search for jobs. The job market is not a physical place as much as a concept demonstrating the competition and...

Is your job market competitive?

The job market is competitive. Companies have a better understanding of how to attract and retain talent more now than ever before. They also have a better understanding of exactly what talent they want in their company to drive growth, where to find them, and how to capture them. This has created a higher level of demand and a war on talent.

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