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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobvite hire?

Jobvite’s Applicant Tracking System is the top best-of-breed recruiting platform available. Built on knowledge gleaned from 10 years of development, and working with thousands of customers, Jobvite Hire makes recruiting more efficient and cost effective.

What is Jobvite Academy?

Download Now The Jobvite Academy Online Learning Center Jobvite Academy is the place where recruiters can go to acquire new skills, strengthen existing capabilities, and learn how to get better recruiting results. Enroll now to become a certified TA expert!

What is better recruiting Jobvite?

Better Recruiting Talent acquisition teams manage a fast-paced, complex function — from screening, interviewing, training, retention, and more. Jobvite brings the recruiter's purpose front-and-center again: bringing the best talent into your organization.

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