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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of JPEG?

JPEGs are a raster image format, they are no good if you need scalable vector graphics, but then again no raster image format is any good if you need vectors. The pros are all the things that JPEGs are good for, then cons are all the things JPEGs can’t do, and were never designed to do. The same is true for other image formats.

What is the difference between GIF and JPEG?

Difference between JPEG and GIF. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. The filename used for a GIF file is .gif or .GIF. GIF is a format mainly used for graphic images. Both JPEG and GIF are file format for storing digital images. The two formats are similar; however they do differ in the manner that they are stored and used.

How do you open a JPEG photo?

Windows has a built-in image viewer called Windows Photo Viewer that allows users to view JPEG files; to open a JPEG file in Windows Photo Viewer, double-click on it and the image is displayed. Alternatively, choose a third-party application as the default program for opening JPEG files.

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