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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 main beliefs of Judaism?

Some of the major beliefs of Judaism include monotheism, or the concept that there is only one deity; belief in the Torah, the five books of Moses, as the word of God; and belief in an everlasting covenant, in which God set the Jews apart from other nations as his own.

What is the final goal of Judaism?

"The goal of Judaism," he answered, "is to somehow carry out the ideals — the values — which man apprehends to be godly in our lives. So the goal of Judaism is to live lives in harmony with God.".

What is the Code of conduct of Judaism?

The Code of Conduct in Judaism is established by G-d in The Torah, the Book of Life and condensed into simple form in the Code of Jewish Law a.k.a. Halacha / Halakha. The complete answer to this question is too long to fit in a sentence or paragraph.

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