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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Japan use kamikaze pilots?

During World War II, the term kamikaze referred to Japanese fighter pilots of who sacrifice their lives in dive-bombing ships--meaning that they would willingly and purposefully fly into enemy ships in the hopes of sinking the ship.

What did kamikaze pilots believe?

The name given to the storm, kamikaze, was later used during World War II as nationalist propaganda for suicide attacks by Japanese pilots. The metaphor meant that the pilots were to be the "Divine Wind" that would again sweep the enemy from the seas.

Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Kamikaze pilots didn't wear "crash helmets", or even really "helmets" at all. Their headgear was made of leather or cloth, and was only lightly padded, providing very little protection against impacts. As Gary points out in his answer, the headgear worn by pilots in those days was primarily intended to insulate against cold.

How effective were kamikaze pilots?

When Japan's military began to consider the kamikaze as potentially being an effective strategy, then they should have known that all was lost. However, the groupthink within the military and the government was so great that no amount reasoning or rational thought would have changed the minds which needed to be.

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