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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best diet for a cat with kidney disease?

In addition to protein restriction, renal diets contain additional potassium, lower sodium, low phosphorus and, in some cases, added Omega-3 fatty acids. All of these components are good for cats with kidney disease. What may not be desirable is the limited protein.

What do you feed cats with kidney disease?

What to Look for in a Good Cat Food for Kidney Disease Real animal protein. Many veterinarians recommend a protein-restricted diet for kidney problems, but you want to void reducing your cat's protein intake too much. Limited sodium and phosphorus. Many commercial cat foods don't list sodium or phosphorus content, but it never hurts to check. ... Complete and nutritionally balanced. ... No artificial additives. ...

How can raw diet help kidney disease in cats?

For cat parents drawn to raw foods diets for their cats, certain high-quality types of meats may put less stress on the kidneys while providing the nutrients these carnivores need. Kidneys are responsible for collecting, processing and eliminating waste materials and excess water through urine.

Can a kidney infection kill a cat?

When your cat's kidneys become inflamed and ineffective at removing toxins from the blood, he can become seriously ill. If the infection still isn't treated, it could lead to kidney damage, failure and even death.

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