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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Go client for Kubernetes?

OpenAPI based Generated Go client for Kubernetes This repo hosts an experimental Golang client library generated using swagger-codegen and Kubernetes OpenAPI spec. Currently the client capability meets the Bronze Requirement and is supported in Alpha state, as described in Kubernetes: New Client Library Procedure.

Where can I find Kubernetes API and model documentation?

All APIs and Models' documentation can be found at the Generated client's README file This client library follows semver, so until the major version of client gets increased, your code will continue to work with explicitly supported versions of Kubernetes clusters.

How are Kubernetes version tags synced to client-Go?

Since Kubernetes v1.8.0, when syncing the code from the staging area, we also sync the Kubernetes version tags to client-go, prefixed with kubernetes-. From Kubernetes v1.17.0, we also create matching semver v0.x.y tags for each v1.x.y Kubernetes release.

What Kubernetes tags should I use?

We recommend using the v0.x.y tags for Kubernetes releases >= v1.17.0 and kubernetes-1.x.y tags for Kubernetes releases < v1.17.0. The fastest way to add this library to a project is to run go get[email protected] with go1.16+.

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