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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lakeshore Sport and fitness?

Established in 1970, the Lakeshore Sport and Fitness, formerly known as the Lakeshore Athletic Club, has two locations in the Chicago, Illinois area, each offering state-of-the-art facilities, programs, classes and equipment. Taken over by new owners in 2010, the new ownership team has slowly transformed the club’s programs and facilities.

What is launchlakeshore Sport&Fitness?

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is Chicago's #1 destination for sport and fitness. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, classes and programs. The Lakeshore SF campus sits on over 3.5 acres in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.

What is Lincoln Park Lakeshore Sport&Fitness?

Lincoln Park Home» Lincoln Park Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is Chicago’s #1 destination for sport, fitness, and fun. We are a diverse community of like-minded people who participate in social, instructional, and competitive sporting activities; and who seek to improve and enhance our quality of life through wellness.

What is the lakeshoresf campus like?

The LakeshoreSF campus sits on over 3.5 acres in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We offer more than 185,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor sport and fitness space, with extensive programming for the entire family. 8 Indoor Tennis Courts & 3 Outdoor Rooftop Tennis Courts

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