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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Lane?

Kids Definition of lane. 1 : a narrow path or road (usually between fences, hedges, or buildings) 2 : a special route (as for ships) 3 : a strip of road used for a single line of traffic. 4 : a long narrow wooden floor used for bowling. 5 : a narrow course of a track or swimming pool in which a competitor must stay during a race.

What is the difference between a path and a lane?

– path. 1. 'lane'. A lane is a narrow road which can be used by vehicles, especially in the country. A lane is also a part of a main road which is marked by the edge of the road and painted line, or by two painted lines. The lorry was travelling at 20mph in the slow lane.

What is a country lane?

Some roads and bridges that carry very low volumes of traffic are less than 4.6 metres (15 ft) wide, and are only a single lane wide. Vehicles travelling in opposite directions must slow or stop to pass each other. In rural areas, these are often called country lanes.

What is an express lane?

A strip delineated on a street or highway to accommodate a single line of vehicles: a breakdown lane; an express lane. c. Sports One of a set of parallel courses marking the bounds for contestants in a race, especially in swimming or track.

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