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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laney College a community college?

Laney College is a public community college in Oakland, California. Laney is the largest of the four colleges of the Peralta Community College District, which serves northern Alameda County. Laney College is named after Joseph Clarence Laney.

Where is launchlaney college located?

Laney College is a community college located in Oakland, California, near the Lake Merritt BART station and the Kaiser Convention Center.

When will my Laney College application be processed?

All new applications received during this period will be processed immediately upon our return to work on January 3, 2022. Thank you for your patience and thank you for applying to Laney College! NOTE: Individuals coming to the Laney College campus must wear masks.

Why did Netflix choose the Laney College Eagles?

Netflix chose the Laney College Eagles for this go-around, because the team had just come off an 11-2 miracle season where they won the national championship. They also chose Laney because of coach John Beam, the “godfather of football in Oakland.” (This season was Beam’s 40th coaching Oakland football.)

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