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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you borrow against a lawsuit?

With a lawsuit loan, you borrow money against the judgment or settlement you expect to get from a lawsuit. These are particularly popular among personal injury plaintiffs who lose income or incur large medical bills because of an injury.

What caused the Wells Fargo scandal?

The Wells Fargo scandal began because of a high pressure corporate environment where its employees were expected to meet ambitious sales quotas or face demotions or job loss. Over the course of five years, the bank employees opened upwards of two million unauthorized accounts without consulting with their customers.

Can you file a lawsuit against a bank?

Method 3 of 4: Suing in Small Claims Court Consult an attorney or small claims adviser. You don't need an attorney to file a case in small claims court. Send a demand letter to the bank. Many small claims courts require you to make an effort to resolve your dispute before you file a lawsuit in court. Check your state's statute of limitations. ... Get claim forms from the court you want to use. ... More items...

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