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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lenovo Thinksmart hub 500?

ThinkSmart Hub 500 is a purpose-built conference room device. The hardware is designed by Lenovo and the software is supplied by other UC (Unified Communications) suppliers. The support for the ThinkSmart Hub 500 is provided along the same lines:

Does Thinksmart hub Gen2 work with Microsoft MTR?

Anyone here using Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub gen2 devices (type 11H1)? Bought a few and proceeded to fresh reinstall one with the Microsoft MTR install. Installed all drivers from Lenovo’s support page. All functionality works as needed but HDMI ingest is inop.

What is hub 500 for Microsoft Teams rooms?

Whether you are a host, attendee, or behind the scenes in IT or facilities, Hub 500 for Microsoft Teams Rooms will make your meetings a better experience. Designed for huddle rooms, this device easily scales across a range of room sizes with a mix of curated accessories, providing a solution for a variety of environments.

Does Lenovo Service bridge support Windows 10 IoT?

Note : Lenovo Service Bridge , Lenovo Vantage, and Lenovo System Update does not support Windows 10 IoT that is on ThinkSmart Collaboration devices. Was this information helpful?

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