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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the letters on hillsides called?

Hillside letters or mountain monograms are a form of geoglyph (more specifically hill figures) common in the American West, consisting of large single letters, abbreviations, or messages emblazoned on hillsides, typically created and maintained by schools or towns.

Is the Hollywood sign a hillside letter?

The famous HOLLYWOOD sign built in 1923 to advertise the Hollywoodland Real Estate Group is not technically a hillside letter, but rather a billboard. Every letter of the alphabet is found as a single letter on a hillside except for X. Two X’s do appear within words on hillsides: DIXIE in St. George, Utah, and PHOENIX near Phoenix, Arizona.

Who built the first hillside letter in Maui?

The first hillside letter built is the "L" in 1904 representing Lahainaluna High School. This 30 foot letter "L" at about the 2000 ft level on Mt Ball, part of the West Maui Mountains was created by students of Lahainaluna High School [established in 1831] by clearing the plants and weeds and adding lime to prevent regrowth.

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