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Frequently Asked Questions

What is line friends?

Line Friends is a global character brand featuring 11 characters based on the stickers from the messaging app called LINE. The company has emerged as a bigger brand by introducing a new Intellectual Property called BT21, which are 8 unique and charming characters that Billboard Award winner BTS and Line Friends created together.… Hi!

How many stars does line friends Store - Hollywood have?

Line Friends Store - Hollywood has 4.5 stars. What days are Line Friends Store - Hollywood open?

What do you like most about BT21?

I especially love the Hollywood theme. They have the entire BT21 crew all posed up near the Hollywood sign for you to take a pic next to. Also, they have the handprints of BTS near each BT21 character displayed on the walls. They have a HUGE Tata and HUGE Line Bear in the front of the store.

What is brown & friends?

BROWN & FRIENDS. Originally created as stickers for leading mobile messenger application LINE and its 200 million active users, BROWN & FRIENDS has expanded beyond mobile use and developed into a highly successful lifestyle brand.

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