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Frequently Asked Questions

What is linear programming in Python?

You also learned that Python linear programming libraries are just wrappers around native solvers. When the solver finishes its job, the wrapper returns the solution status, the decision variable values, the slack variables, the objective function, and so on.

How to solve optimization problems using linear programming in Python?

Python has a nice package named PuLP which can be used to solve optimization problems using Linear programming. To start with we have to model the functions as variables and call PuLP?s solver module to find optimum values. Here it goes, 2 Lets try to understand the code, • Line 1-2 : We import the PuLP package.

Is there a linear programming solver?

You used SciPy with its own solver as well as PuLP with CBC and GLPK, but you also learned that there are many other linear programming solvers and Python wrappers. You’re now ready to dive into the world of linear programming!

What is a linear programming problem?

Linear Programming Problem We define a Linear Programming Problem by finding thethe optimal value of a linear function (objective function)of several variables (x[i]), subject to the conditions that the variables are non-negative and satisfy a set of linear inequalities (called linear constraints). Our problem fits perfectly!

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