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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Meghan Markle's favorite lipstick shades?

Although she likes to take risks with her closet (read: bare legs, pantsuits, and blazer dresses), the new royal keeps things particularly simple when it comes to beauty. Meghan Markle's favorite lipstick shades are anything but bold — and with good reason.

Why didn't Meghan Markle wear a red lip on her wedding day?

Markle's makeup artist, Daniel Martin, who was also responsible for her wedding day glam, says you'll never catch the Duchess of Sussex veering away from neutral, nude-colored lipsticks. “The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it," he told People.

Does Meghan Markle do her own makeup at royal engagements?

It may come as a surprise that Meghan is often responsible for her own makeup at royal engagements — the Duchess of Sussex likes to keep things quick and practical, says Martin.

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