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Frequently Asked Questions

Is lipstick allowed in hand luggage?

There are no quantity or size limitations for these kinds of lipstick. Lipstick that is in a liquid form, as the name suggests, is considered a liquid and, therefore, needs to be placed in the bag of liquids in order to be transported in your hand luggage.

What are people saying about Empower Africa lipstick?

Cheers! - 'Empowers Africa' "Super creamy and now my favorite lip!" "I like that it is Vegan and also helps the puppies." “She loves it, I love it & Grandma would too.” "I can use your lip tints without fear of feathering." Best Lipstick Ever! "I don't usually write reviews, but the quality of this product deserves to be recognized.

Can You Put Lipstick in a zip top bag?

The general rule is that solid lipstick does not need to go in the bag, while liquid lipstick must be placed in the bag of liquids. However, if you want to play it safe, you should put all kinds of lipstick in the zip-top bag. That way, you will most definitely not get into trouble at the security checkpoint.

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