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Frequently Asked Questions

Is liquipedia still a thing?

To this day, Liquipedia is still running from this software, although it changed a lot over the years and we added a lot of customization to it. Nazgul is one of the first to actively state the opinion to open up editing of the wiki to the public, but he is outvoted. The reach of the wiki is quite different from today.

Is liquipedia a community driven site?

As much of a community driven site Liquipedia is nowadays, as much it relied on key individual people to step up and start the projects that shaped the wikis into what they are.

What's going on with liquipedia?

There are threads made to promote Liquipedia once it goes live, parts of which are actually used later on. Throughout 2008 staff and veteran TL users keep filling the wiki, but from week to week work gets slower. Communication in the team is lacking, people are waiting for other people to do stuff, and coordination within the team is missing.

What is the liquipedia story all about?

The Liquipedia story is a success in the eyes of a lot of people, but it is a success that only happened thanks to the hard work of hundreds of dedicated people.

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