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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highest paying jobs in law enforcement?

Annual salary: $43,710. Overall, the highest paying criminal justice paying jobs are lawyers, criminal investigators and local law enforcement. Consideration for costs of education, home and work balance and career goals are a must when seeking criminal justice jobs.

What are the different careers in law enforcement?

There are four different law enforcement jobs: police officer, inspector or detective, private security, and management. All law enforcement jobs require training in state and federal law, a specific level of physical fitness, and ability to work rotating shifts.

What are the positions in law enforcement?

The most common type of law enforcement job is police officer. These positions provide front-line law enforcement and assistance to the public. A police officer is employed by the local city or state and is responsible for keeping the peace, assisting the public, and ensuring the law is followed.

What are the jobs in state law enforcement?

Law enforcement careers range from entry-level clerical positions and investigative-type jobs to supervisory and leadership roles. At the local and state levels, the most common law enforcement jobs are patrol officer, police detective, state trooper, corrections officer, probation officer, and law enforcement officer.

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