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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LLM at Loyola?

Loyola’s LLM program is designed for foreign law graduates, as well as experienced foreign and U.S. attorneys. Our program allows students to build a flexible curriculum in American law and International Law and prepares them to become leaders in a globalized market.

How long does it take to get an LLM degree?

The degree or the course work required by the guidelines must be awarded or completed, as applicable, within three calendar years of the date the applicant began qualifying study at a law school, whether or not the LLM degree is awarded by or the course work is completed at that law school.

What are the areas of specialization for LLM programs?

Our renowned LLM programs offer many areas of specialization, including: Business & Corporate Law, Comparative Law, Criminal Law, Employment & Labor Law, Environmental & Energy Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, and Taxation.

How can I learn more about UCLA Law's LLM program?

To learn more about our LL.M. admissions requirements, application procedures, deadlines, and more, click here. UCLA Law's LL.M. program offers students the opportunity to learn from top legal scholars and teachers in the beautiful, bustling city of Los Angeles.

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