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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you practice law with a LLM?

United Kingdom. In the UK, the LLM Admissions process is such that most programs are available to those possessing a standard legal qualification, generally an undergraduate degree in Laws or a Common Professional Examination. An LLM is not a sufficient requirement in itself to practice law as a solicitor or a barrister.

What is the difference between a LLM and a Master?

The difference is that an LL.M. always is a LEGAL degree, while the MA isn´t necessarily legal. Of course you can get a Master of Arts with a focus on law too, but you have to consider that people won´t automatically see that you have a legal education when you have an MA behind your name.

What can you do with LLM degree?

On the other hand a LLM degree can provide you with many benefits in your law career and can offer you specializations in a particular area of law. A lawyer with an LLM degree has acquired advanced and specialized legal training, which means they’re more marketable to law firms.

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