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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Lol OMG remix?

OMG stands for “outrageous millenial girls”. LOL OMG Remix dolls are older sisters (not moms) of LOL tots from the first four LOL Surprise series. They have fashionable outfits and accessories, bright stylish hairstyles, and also LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are very interesting to collect because you are collecting a music band.

Who is LOL OMG remix honeylicious DJ?

This is the older sister of the LOL Surprise Doll’s second series, Honey Bun. LOL OMG REMIX Honeylicious DJ, she has a DJ desk. Her friend is Lonestar, with whom you can change outfits. My Mix is so Fly. I gotta put it in airplane mode.

How many Lol surprise remix Super Surprise dolls are there?

Unbox 2 rock bands and 70+ surprises with LOL Surprise Remix Super Surprise. In the ultimate rock concert unboxing experience, find 4 LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls, 4 LOL Surprise dolls (their sisters) and 4 rock instruments that really play music!

What to do with Lol surprise remix Kitty K doll?

For example, the second outfit of the doll LOL Surprise Remix Kitty K. is supplemented by the outfit of the doll POP B.B. – Its lace top is perfectly combined with Kitty K jeans. And the pink hoodie is perfect for Kitty K. LOL ReMix OMG is a great gift for a girl from 3 to 10 years.

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