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Frequently Asked Questions

Is lossless audio better than lossy audio?

Lossless audio is easy to notice when you hear it, but sometimes it doesn’t sound better than lossy formats. Some people can’t tell the difference at all because they are so used to the sound of MP3s. If you have high-quality headphones or speakers, you will hear the lossless audio in its best quality.

What is the meaning of lossless?

Definition of lossless. : done or being without loss (as of power or data) lossless data compression. lossless power transmission.

Which streaming services offer lossless audio?

Tidal was one of the first streaming services to really push lossless audio, but the feature has since been added to Apple Music for no additional fee. Spotify is also set to launch a separate tier called Spotify Hifi for lossless audio. Other services that offer lossless audio include Deezer and Qobuz.

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