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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy lottery tickets online California?

Currently, you can't purchase California lottery tickets online. However, it is possible to obtain tickets at more than 23,000 registered retailers throughout the state. There are two types of lottery games in California: draw games and scratchers.

What is the phone number for CA lottery?

California State Lottery Contact Phone Number is : (650) 875-2200. California State Lottery was founded in 1984 and its motive is to provide supplemental funding for California public education. The company's first ticket was purchased on October 3, 1985.

What is the second chance drawing in the lottery?

As the name suggests, they’re a second chance to win cash and prizes. Second chance drawings are available in 43 of the 44 states that hold lotteries. Rules vary by state, but the general concept is this: If you buy lottery tickets — drawing-style or scratch-offs — for certain games, your non-winning tickets can win you prizes in random drawings.

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