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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Kohler toilet cost?

How Much Does a Kohler Toilet Cost? Kohler toilets come in different ranges depending on the style. If you will buy a typical floor-mounted Kohler toilet then they will cost you anywhere from $175 - $450 . If you want a wall-mounted Kohler toiler, this can get as high as $900 .

How do I Fix my Kohler toilet?

A Kohler toilet may run continuously if the fill valve is problematic. To fix this, limit the amount of water coming into the toilet, then remove the toilet tank cover. Locate the valve cap in the tank and remove it. Check for a black seal in the valve cap and clean it thoroughly, or replace it if it is damaged.

How do I replace a Kohler toilet gasket?

To replace the flush valve seal on a Kohler toilet, start by using turning the water shut-off valve to the right to cut the supply to the toilet. Remove the lid from the top of the toilet tank, and drain the tank fully by holding the down the handle of the toilet until the tank is completely empty.

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