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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an LPN to RN program take?

Other programs incorporate the general education courses in the program so it may take students longer to complete these programs. It takes nursing students one to two years to go from LPN to RN. The associates degree nursing program usually takes one to two years to complete, although some student complete the program in less time.

How does an LPN become a RN?

An LPN can become an RN by completing an LPN to RN Bridge Program. Many schools offer them and some are available online, however they will require completion of hands on clinicals. They take approximately a year to complete full time. There are different programs depending if you want to complete an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree.

Is LPN school easier than RN?

They are finished sooner but while they are in class it appeared to be the same credit/hours/workload as the RN program. My LPN instructor is a RN and she says that LPN school is a lot harder than RN school. Simply because of how much information is crammed into one year of schooling. RN school takes at least two plus pre reqs.

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