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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lungern located in Switzerland?

Lungern is a municipality in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland. It encompasses Lake Lungern, and, besides the village of Lungern, the settlements of Bürglen, Kaiserstuhl and Obsee

What is the relative location of Lake Lungern?

/  46.80250°N 8.16333°E  / 46.80250; 8.16333 Lake Lungern ( German: Lungerersee, also spelled Lungernsee or Lungerensee) is a natural lake in Obwalden, Switzerland which is named after the town Lungern on its shore.

What's the education in Lungern like?

In Lungern about 71.5% of the population (between ages 25 and 64) have completed either non-mandatory upper secondary education or additional higher education (either university or a Fachhochschule ). Folk celebration, with traditional costumes. Lungern has an unemployment rate of 0.6%.

Which railway line passes through the municipality of Lungern?

The Brünig railway line passes through the municipality, on its route between Interlaken and Lucerne. Both Lungern station and Kaiserstuhl OW station are on the line and in the municipality; and in 2013 were served by one train per hour in each direction. ^ a b "Arealstatistik Standard - Gemeinden nach 4 Hauptbereichen".

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