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Frequently Asked Questions

How are capital gains taxed in Luxembourg?

Most of Luxembourg’s tax treaties provide for capital gains to be taxed in the state of residence of the entity or individual realizing the gain. Finally, capital losses realized upon disposal of a shareholding are tax deductible in Luxembourg.

Are non-residents taxed on salaried income in Luxembourg?

Non-residents are taxed on salaried income if their occupation is exercised in Luxembourg or if their salary is paid from Luxembourg. Tax treaties generally grant exemption if the non-resident stays for less than 183 days in the calendar year and if the remuneration is neither paid nor borne by a Luxembourg entity.

How to file a tax return in Luxembourg?

How to file your tax return in Luxembourg The tax year in Luxembourg runs from 1 January to 31 December. Returns are due by 31 March the following year. Taxpayers can submit income tax returns either online or by mail.

What is the transfer tax on real estate in Luxembourg?

For real estate located in Luxembourg City, an additional charge amounting to 50 percent of the transfer tax (i.e. 3 percent) is imposed (exemptions are available).

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