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Frequently Asked Questions

What are rye whiskey chords?

RYE WHISKEY CHORDS by Pete Seeger @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com Am C G Rye whiskey, rye whiskey, rye Em whiskey I cry Am C If you don't give me rye whiskey G Am I surely will die Am C G If the ocean was whiskey and I Am was a duck Am C G I'd dive to the

Where did the song rye whiskey come from?

If you don't give me rye whiskey I surely will die... The song Rye Whiskey originates from North America as a folk song some point in the 19th century. The first time it was officially recorded was by Tex Ritter in 1933, for Columbia Records. Since then, The Pirates Charles, among many others, have picked it up.

What is the theme of rye whiskey?

In this version, Rye Whiskey is sung close to the style of a sea shanty, in full acapella with a repeating chorus after each verse. This song covers many things – love, difficult times, being poor. The theme running through it all is love of alcohol, and how that love can supersede everything else.

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