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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best egg salad recipe?

Instructions In a small bowl, mash together cream cheese, mayo, chives, salt and pepper. In a large bowl, use a pastry cutter to mash up eggs. Finely chop the bacon and add to eggs. Add shredded cheddar and cream cheese mixture to eggs and bacon. Mix together until everything is mixed really well and eggs are covered in cream cheese.

What is the perfect egg salad?

Instructions Place eggs into the bottom of a medium-sized saucepan. Fill the pan with enough water to cover the eggs with 1 inch of water. Fill a bowl with ice and water. Plunge finished eggs into ice water to stop the cooking process. Place chopped eggs into a large mixing bowl. Add in mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, relish, dill, and chives.

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