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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Watch Google Earth in real time?

There are, however, two ways to view nearly real-time satellite images on Google Earth. For three-hour old weather images, look for the Clouds layer, found under the new Weather layer folder. NASA also has a layer called DailyPlanet which shows the entire Earth, continuously updated in real-time at a medium resolution.

Is Google Earth a live view?

Is Google Earth Live? Contrary to popular belief, Google Earth does not feature real-time visuals. Google Earth's images are updated frequently – collected from a number of providers and platforms in order to provide as recent a view as possible, but you can't view live Google Earth footage as it's taken.

How to tilt Google Earth?

There are other controls for tilt at Tools>Options>Navigation. Take a poll and see which way people prefer. Or have it set up the same way (tilted vs nontilted) that the user was in before going into street view. Or have a setting for default tilt when in plan view. It's VERY annoying to have to change things when I exit street view.

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