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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do matches cost?

There are several Standard Match Plans that will give you access to message and chat with that special someone. The 3-month access plan is $29.99 a month. The 6-month plan is only $21.99 a month. And if you need a little more time to communicate, the 12-month plan is only $17.99 a month – a 60% savings.

What were matches used for?

Originally, matches were a bit of long-burning cord used to touch off gunpowder weapons. There were two sorts. Quick matches (that were quick-buring) and slow matches (slow-burning). They were also used to touch off cannons. Slow matches burn at 1 ft per hour and quick matches burn at 2 to 24 inches per minute.

What is the definition of matches?

verb. matches; matched; matching. Learner's definition of MATCH. 1. a : to be suited to (someone or something) : to go well with (someone or something)

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