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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a senior thesis in Mathematical Sciences?

The Senior Thesis in Mathematical Sciences course allows students to engage in independent mathematical work in an active and modern subject area of the mathematical sciences, guided by an official research faculty member in the department of mathematics and culminating in a written thesis presented in an appropriate public forum.

What is a good thesis topic for a math class?

Possible thesis topics: Investigating the divisibility of class numbers of quadratic fields and higher degree extensions. Investigating the structure of the class group. Exploring polynomial analogues of theorems from number theory concerning sums of powers, primes, divisibility, and arithmetic functions. Topics in math education.

What is a good topic for a maths degree?

Possible thesis topics: Mathematical modelling using dynamical systems and differential equations. Spatial/Lattice Dynamics. Optimal control theory. Evolutionary dynamics. Game Theory. Possible colloquium topics: Any topics in mathematics, mathematical models in life sciences, engineering, and other fields, applied mathematics in general, such as:

What are the best educational research topics for a thesis?

Educational-related topics used for a thesis normally require a wide aspect of study and enough educational materials. Here are some education research topics you can use for your thesis. A detailed educational review of student learning via virtual reality techniques A measure of cognitive development using digital learning methods

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