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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Matinal?

matinal ( comparative more matinal, superlative most matinal ) In the morning, relating to the morning . I was awakened, as usual, by the outcries of the refractory negroes receiving their matinal stripes in the whipping-house. Kate stood by the window, looking out drearily at the matinal sunlight.

What are the different types of Matinale?

matinale heure matinale early hour gaule matinale morning erection [Fam.] familiar in ... brise matinale early breeze toilette matinale morning cure [Med.] promenade matinale early walk 7 more rows ...

What is the difference between matutinal and matineux?

Matinal = du matin ; qui se lève tôt. Rosée matinale. Six heures ! Tu es bien matinale aujourd'hui ! Matutinal = du matin ; qui a rapport à l'office de matines. Je n'ai pas encore pris mon café matutinal. Ce mot vieux est encore employé par plaisanterie, pour produire un effet d'archaïsme. Matineux = qui se lève tôt.

What does Tu es Matinal mean?

Tu es matinal. What's the - You're early. Vol matinal vers Quito, capitale de l'Équateur. Early flight to Quito Capital of Ecuador.

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