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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Maxi mean?

Definition of maxi- (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : extra long maxiskirt 2 : extra large maxi-problems Examples of maxi in a Sentence

What is a maxi skirt?

This maxi skirt is designed with a chiffon outer layer and inner lining that allows this soft maxi skirt to flow easily. It’s even made with a stretchy waistband for a more ergonomic fit. You can purchase this skirt in many different colors or prints, such as basic black or beautiful sunflowers.

Why are maxi dresses so popular?

We love maxi dresses because they're so versatile-perfect for any body type, height or occasion. And, Amazon has all the latest spring styles all for incredibly affordable prices.

What do you think of the bright red maxi dress?

What to Consider: Its maxi length might feel cumbersome on long walks, especially for petite folks. Marissa Miller, Travel + Leisure, 27 Jan. 2023 The bright red maxi dress is constructed from a lightweight rayon with 5 percent spandex stretch, giving it a soft, jersey-like feel. Jessie Quinn, Peoplemag, 23 Jan. 2023 See More

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