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Frequently Asked Questions

Is mayonnaise really that bad for You?

A medley of saturated and trans fats, mayonnaise is yummy but not healthy and a real killer when it comes to heart health. It is also high in calories (95 cal per tbsp!) and loaded with cholesterol, sodium which makes it bad news for hypertension as well.

What is the most popular brand of mayonnaise?

Kewpie (Q.P.) is the most popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise, advertised with a Kewpie doll logo. The vinegar is a proprietary blend containing apple and malt vinegars. The Kewpie company was started in 1925 by Tochiro Nakashima, whose goal was to create a condiment that made eating vegetables more enjoyable.

What is the most healthy mayonnaise?

Brands of light mayonnaise are the healthiest options on the market. Fat-free mayonnaise is also a healthier option, but these are lacking in flavor.

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