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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mc43 and mc42 used for?

The MC43 and MC42 also have pins to wire in an Ethernet communication port. The Ethernet port is used for uploading/downloading applications and diagnostics and is designated for computer communication. 8 IQAN-MC4x, -MC4xFS Markings/Approvals

What does mc43fs stand for?

Electrohydraulic Control System IQAN-MC41FS, IQAN-MC42FS and IQAN-MC43FS, programmable controller for use in mobile machinery applications intended for implementation of safety functions. Hardware version 20085121 (MC41FS), 20085122 (MC42FS) and 20085123(MC43FS).

What are the versions of the mc41fs and mc42fs?

Hardware version 20085121 (MC41FS), 20085122 (MC42FS) and 20085123(MC43FS). Software version vmAC 5.01. Technical documentation The manufacturer’s technical file, latest dated 2017-12-04

What kind of power does a MC4 controller use?

IQAN-MC4x, -MC4xFS The IQAN-MC4 series of controllers are designed for controlling hydraulic systems in vehicles and machinery, using 12/24 Vdc power supply.

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