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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks merchant services?

QuickBooks Merchant Services, otherwise known as QuickBooks Payments, has tons of flexibility. Payments can be processed in a variety of ways; directly inside QuickBooks using invoices/sales receipts or with mobile devices using the QBO app. Even QBO recurring payments are easy to use.

Why choose American merchant center?

Let us streamline the payment process for you. With American Merchant Center’s innovative, client-focused payment processing services, retailers and service providers save on every transaction. With free equipment and customer-paid surcharges, your profits are protected.

Why am I unable to grant access to the merchant center?

If you receive this error message, the email address that you are trying to grant access to the Merchant Center is not linked to a Google account. Email addresses must be linked to a Google account in order to be added to the Merchant Center. Go to Google Accounts sign up.

How do I change my role in the merchant center?

Sign in to your Merchant Center account. Click the tools icon , then select Account access under the “Settings” menu. Under “User status,” find the email address whose role you wish to edit. If you no longer wish to have your Google account linked to a Merchant Center account, you can remove your own access in the Preferences section.

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