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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the merchant interface?

The Merchant Interface is a secure Web site that allows merchants to manage transactions, configure their account settings, view account statements, generate reports and more. It is available from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser - you never need to download or install any software.

What is a vendor link?

Vendor Link is a business intelligence solution and contract cost reduction program that focuses on non-interest expense with the specific objective of reducing vendor contract costs, while maintaining or enhancing the quality of the service with your vendors.

What is a merchant portal?

The Merchant Portal is user friendly and you can easily navigate to find the information and figures you seek. Searches can be performed on single transactions or at a batch level, and the result can be presented for the entire store chain or single stores.

What does merchant view mean?

Merchant View aims to help retailers and suppliers save money on inefficient practices through data collection and delivery. In a sense, Merchant View is playing Robin Hood, and we're certainly proud of that moniker," he said. Originally, the Merchant View business plan was strictly an academic exercise.

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