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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is using the merchant portal?

The world’s top brands are using the Merchant portal to manage and grow their business with Klarna. Some frequently asked questions. How do I log in to the Merchant portal? Click here and provide your verified email address and password.

How to login to LIC merchant account?

(Step by step process) 1 First of all, you have to open your Browsers. ... 2 After that, you have to search for the LIC merchant login. 3 Then you have to click on the first link. ... 4 So, on this page, you are asked to fill up your LIC merchant Username and Password. More items...

How do I Reset my Password for the merchant portal?

Click here and provide your verified email address and password. If you’ve forgotten the password, our reset option will send a new temporary password to the email address on file. How do I receive my log in details for the Merchant portal? When you sign an agreement with Klarna, an account will be created in the Merchant portal.

How to login to LIC India portal?

This website is designed for LIC India agents, who are working online in the LIC portal and have access to the Premium collection process by LIC of India to login to LIC Merchant Login and the employee CLIA of LIC India. If they want to login to the PORTAL, they can log in by clicking the above LOGIN BUTTON.

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