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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Indian on the gold buffalo coin?

The official United States Mint American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin. The Native American depiction on the coin’s obverse is believed to be based on three different Indian chiefs – two of whom were named by the designer as Chief Iron Tail and Chief Two Moons – who modeled for Fraser as he sculpted its design.

Are gold coins really made out of gold?

A gold coin is a coin that is made mostly or entirely of gold. Most gold coins minted since 1800 are either 90% gold or 22 karat (11/12 gold), but some have lower or higher content such as the 24 karat Canadian Maple Leaf bullion series. Gold in coins is typically alloyed with silver, copper or both.

How big is the gold buffalo coin?

Only the proof coins available in the American Gold Buffalo series bear the mint mark. Each coin has a diameter of 32.7mm, a thickness of 2.95mm, and a mass of 31.108g, which is just slightly above 1 troy ounce. Each coin also has a reeded edge, which is common for US coins.

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