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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is amantadine and modafinil monotherapy in the US?

Of the 79 patients included in the effectiveness evaluation, 42 (53%) were considered responders, including 34/62 (55%) receiving amantadine monotherapy and 8/24 (33%) receiving both amantadine and modafinil at the time they met the definition of a responder. No patient receiving modafinil monotherapy was considered a responder.

What medications are not appropriate for pain management in TBI cases?

Narcotics are not appropriate for pain management in TBI cases. These medications act on the motor system to affect the chemical balance in the brain, in an effort to control bodily movement. Examples include: baclofen, tizanidine or cyclobenzaprine. These medications act to block enzymes in the brain.

Does methylphenidate shorten recovery time after traumatic brain injury?

In the acute phase after a TBI, methylphenidate-treated patients dem­onstrated better attention, concentration, and performance on motor memory tasks at 1 month, but these benefits did not persist at 3 months. Thus, it has been suggested that while methyl­phenidate may shorten recovery time, it does not change morbidity.

Can antidepressants be used to treat post-TBI psychiatric sequelae?

Despite potentially severe consequenc­es, post-TBI psychiatric sequelae are underdiagnosed and undertreated. Fortunately, current evidence suggests that antidepressants can be used to manage both neuropsychiatric and additional neurological deficits persisting from brain injury.

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