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Frequently Asked Questions

How to glue polymer clay together?

Simply clean the surface of your polymer clay from any dust and dirt and apply a thin layer of Gorilla Glue. Press both parts together and let it dry for a few hours. You can also use Epoxy Resin to glue Polymer Clay.

Can You glue air dry clay with Gorilla Glue?

The steps for gluing air-dry clay with Gorilla Glue are pretty much the same as with PVA Glue. So clean the surface of your air-dry clay form any dust and apply a thin layer of Gorilla Glue. Then slightly press both pieces together and leave them to dry for one or two hours.

Can You glue air dry clay with PVA?

Almost any crafts store or hardware store will have a variant of PVA glue. Before you glue your air-dry clay you have to clean the surface. It´s usually enough to get rid of any dust, that might be on the surface. Simply use a piece of cloth and a little bit of water and wipe any dust away.

What is the best type of glue for models?

If you need solid glue that will hold together models of all shapes and sizes, then this is one of your best options. In terms of overall bond strength and resistance towards a variety of solvents, this is one of the best types of glue you can use for models.

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