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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Modesto's wood-fired Italian cuisine different?

Led by chef and owner Hector Diaz, Modesto features a farm to table approach to upscale wood-fired Italian. The menu changes twice daily and includes a variety of fresh seafood, fine meats, and house made pastas. Pizzas are hand-tossed and cooked in a wood fired oven made in Italy.

What makes Modesto Farm-to-table different?

As a farm-to-table restaurant in Asheville's Historic Grove Arcade, Modesto provides more than great dining -- we delight and enchant with a complete flavor adventure. While putting passion into every meal, Chef Hector Diaz has created an unforgettable menu using whole foods, rare and sought-after herbs, and innovative recipes.

Is modmodesto a good restaurant?

Modesto is an incredible disappointment. The prices here seem to indicate that the food will be amazing, but from appetizer to main, our meal was mediocre at best and inedible for the most part.

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