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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes motorcycle crashes?

Most common causes of Motorcycle Crashes. The most common cause of a motorcycle crash is when a driver looks but fails to see a motorcyclist approaching a junction and pulls out across their path, mainly on urban roads at lower speeds. Loss of control on a bend, corner or curve on a rural road. Crashes on bends are often the rider’s fault.

How deadly are motorcycles?

First off, while motorcycles are dangerous because they are 2-wheeled vehicles, in and of themselves, they are no more dangerous than cars. However, what makes them dangerous to ride is the fact that most people ride them in traffic, and traffic is a stacked deck against bikes. Think about this for a second.

Are most motorcycle accidents fatal?

No. Most motorcycle accidents are not fatal. Motorcycling can be a safe activity, but requires a defensive driving mindset, watching the action of other drivers. Of course there is a subset of motorcycle drivers that create hazards, but mature riders understand and respect the risk.

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